You must be wondering what and why do you need this astro market?  Of course one way or another, Astrology helps to predict and analyze the market.

Some individuals are using fundamental analysis to invest in their shares of businesses. Others use technical analyzes to comprehend the masses behavior at stock prices. Both techniques have benefits, yet the uncertainties about future events are not visible. I think that astrological analysis of a stock can be helpful in providing insights into stock market future results and should be used in combination with the fundamental and technical analysis.

It’s true that each and every part of stock market and trading are determined by means of a planet. As of now mercury and Jupiter dominates the entire stock market. Here some list of examples of planets that dominate other sectors.

Government Bank– Jupiter + Sun

Private Bank– Jupiter + Mercury

Construction– Mars + Saturn

Computer– Mercury + Venus + Rahu

We have seen how planets can influence a market. Now we help you to explain how we can analyze the astrological stages of individuals to determine whether they can involve in stock market or not?
Or whether they can gain profit in stock market or not if you have already involved!

The combination of 5th house, 11th house and Jupiter Lord are particularly beneficial for share market returns. Particularly if the fourth belongs to the fifth, they will engage in the stock business and profit more.

One can say that the fifth house is a luxurious house.  The house is responsible for the unexpected cash inflow. You have seen many people in the stock business make lakhs or even millions that is all because of this house. . If the tenth owner (Capricorn) is in the fifth house, the person will be engaged in sudden inflows or financial matters such as stock trading. If Ketu is in 12th house, the individual will gain money from the stock business. If Rahu and Venus are in the 5th house, the astrology holder will be in the stock business. When Mercury is in 12th house, the holder wealth or money, business or their stock investment will be lost. Below we have given example horoscope

This is Warren Buffett’s horoscope, if we look closely through his horoscope we get to know how he succeeds in stock market. Ketu, who sat at 12th house, is the lucrative apex, Sukran Nisabhaka Raja Yogam, and the sun rule, which has helped him gain profits in the stock market. Likewise we can help you to analyze your horoscope and determine which type of stock marketing best suits you.

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