Simply put, a Demat account is called an online account that stores the shareholders ‘ stocks in electronic format. You will need to open a Demat account to carry out online trading. By registering with us, you can readily open a trading account online. We are a CDSL depository participant and a reputable trading services provider.


Open a trading account with us and trade with commodities & equities brokers in Indian Market at fairly low cost. To open Demat and trading account with us you need to provide the following details

Documents required for account opening:

  1. 1. Pan card copy
  2. 2. Aadhar card copy
  3. 3. Last six-month bank statement or 3-month salary payslip
  4. 4. One passport size photo
  5. 5. Your signature photo
  6. 6. Bank passbook front page or canceled cheque leaf


And send this details to kaalabiravaa@gmail.com or Whatsapp +91 8973655142 (only Indian market).

An authorized person under GOODWILL
The same Demat and trading account can be used to for equity and commodity purpose as well. We charge brokerage 1000 per crore and option 20 per trade.
For more details you can always contact us we are happy to help you.

You can conveniently contact us via phone any time we are happy to help you.


  • If you compare Demat fees to other service suppliers, our fees are very competitive
  • We offer high-end tools, study reports, online trading specialist tips, and a user-friendly interface to manage your account readily online.
  • Any time you use your Demat online account you can manage your shares anywhere
  • Online Demat services are paperless and remove a lot of documentation from previous transfers of stocks for purchases or sales.
  • You can handle and trade your stocks via a single account.

Our can contact through email: kaalabiravaa@gmail.com and on phone: +91 8973655142 for assistance related to the new account and for managing an existing account.

About Kaalabiravaa Forecasting

Kaalabiravaa Forecasting is an institute of financial market located in Coimbatore, India. We offer completely share market training course which helps invest / trade-in companies to be successful in the market. We have devoted ourselves to excellence in Stock market training, research, and consultancy.

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