We offer various courses which are based on W.D.Gann theory. We teach you various trading methods and capabilities, such as Charting, Chart interpreting, Financial Astrology, Finding excellent time for trading, Laws of vibration, The use of Gann lines, Gann squares & Gann calculators, The seasonal change for stocks, Time cycles decipherment and The relation between time and value.

Here the brief listing of our courses


  1. Gann square of nine
  2. MCL intraday method
  3. Star lord method intraday


ii) Cycles

  1. Basic of cycles
  2. Examples of Basics of cycles
  3. Major cycles or Layers
  4. Example of Major cycles
  5. Retracement theory
  6. Example of Retracement theory


iii) Square of 12

  1. Natural pressure date
  2. Square of 12
  3. Square of 12 intraday
  4. Example of Square of 12 intraday

iv) Price Time Square

  1. Price Time square
  2. Example of Price Time square
  3. Mathematical pressure date


v) Basic of Financial Astro or Law of vibration

  1. Basic astrology
  2. Basic of law of vibration
  3. Law of vibration


vi) Law of vibration as per astro 1

  1. Law of vibration based on history
  2. Example of Law of vibration based on history
  3. Law of vibration based on tendency
  4. Example of law of vibration based on tendency


vii) Law of vibration as per astro 2

  1. Law of vibration based on aspect
  2. Example of Law of vibration based on aspect

We provide the absolute best and most comprehensive Trading courses on stocks, options, futures, Commodities and forex, as well as live, hands-on trading. Our course is taught by well-known professional traders and instructors who are best in the market. We also provide support and guidance to our members after the course is completed.
What’s more excited about us is we offer Kaalabiravaa Forecasting Software which helps to provide intraday trading about the latest trends in software free for 2 month for all the members who participate in our training program.

About Kaalabiravaa Forecasting

Kaalabiravaa Forecasting is an institute of financial market located in Coimbatore, India. We offer completely share market training course which helps invest / trade-in companies to be successful in the market. We have devoted ourselves to excellence in Stock market training, research, and consultancy.

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